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                            Visual Art

The art room at Allendale is a lively place that embraces curiosity and joy while working to develop flexible, creative thinkers and problem solvers. Students are exposed to culturally relevant contemporary artists in our standards based, sequential, project based curriculum that integrates EL curriculum at every grade level. Students develop skills across many mediums, including  drawing, painting, sculpture, print-making, and fiber arts and learn to use art as a mode of self care, expression, communication and community engagement. All Allendale students receive weekly visual art instruction. 

Technology and Engineering

Students engage in a weekly year long curriculum that focuses on building computer technology proficiency, creating responsible, safe digital citizens, and engages them in a design and engineering process to complete projects together.

Physical Education 

All students have physical education weekly at Allendale. Coach Chico comes to us from the Hero Program to provide organized recess structure, physical activity classes, and our Young Hero Leadership Program.